8 Expensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sweet Valentine

We’ve been getting quite a bit of traffic to our post on cheap Valentine’s ideas recently, you bunch of cheapskates!

As an antidote to that, and to prove that not all Money Watch readers are skinflints, we’ve been searching high and low to find some of the most expensive Valentine’s Day ideas, for people who are lucky enough to have more money than sense, such as a footballer trying to keep his mistress quiet, or a Hollywood couple attempting to prove their marriage is still alive.

  1. Double slanket – ok, so this isn’t a particularly expensive gift, but it’s worth remembering that it’s basically just a blanket. Yes, £40 for a big blanket.
  2. Veuve Cliquot champagne – working out at about £50 a glass, this bubbly will give you one of the most expensive hangovers you could imagine. £250.
  3. 1 Night, 5* Trip to Paris – how about waking up on Valentine’s Day morning in 5 star luxury hotel, following a first class flight. £974 (from Lastminute.com), you’ll have a few hours in the French capital before having to fly back.
  4. Luxury mobile phone case – for that extra bit of bling, buy your special someone a 24ct mobile phone case, like this one for a Blackberry. Yours for a measly £1,099.
  5. Vintage cognac – bubbly not quite to your taste or price range? Buy this vintage cognac which comes with it’s own custom crystal decanter, for just £3,999. Not one to pour over the pudding at Christmas.
  6. Tiffany Victoria Earrings – fancy giving the lady in your life 5 grands worth of jewellery for each ear? Yep, these Tiffany Victoria earrings cost over £10,000. Hell, I’d even wear them if someone was kind enough to buy them for me.
  7. Ferrari 599 – ok, this is one of my personal favourites, and is a snip at just over £200,000. What partner couldn’t resist a supercar like this?
  8. Property in Provence – fancy brewing your own wine (yes we know that’s not the right term)? This renovated property in Provence has a mixture of gardens and vineyards, along with a couple of swimming pools. With the exchange rate slowly improving, this will currently set you back around £9.5m, but will guarantee you get your washing and ironing done for years to come.

What would you buy your loved one for Valentine’s Day if money was no object? Let us know in the comments below.

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