Metro Bank: One Month In Business

Metro Bank have claimed that they have beaten their first years target for new accounts in only their first month of trading.

Waiting List

It’s an interesting claim from the new bank, but sadly it hasn’t been backed up with any actual numbers, so it’s difficult to guage just how well Metro Bank has been received.  One quote does however suggest a “waiting list of 200 people to open business accounts”. We’d be intereste in hearing some more accurate stats if anyone has them. Promisingly, Metro Bank is planning on recruiting another 100 staff, although it’s a drop in the ocean whilst other banks are still announcing massive job losses.

They have now doubled their number of open branches, with their second branch opening in Earls Court last weekend, to join their original branch in Holborn.

Website Updates

They’ve also made some updates to their website, although the amateurish design still doesn’t do much to convey trust in their brand:

Metro Bank

Whilst there is still no ability to apply for any of Metro Banks accounts online, they do have login areas for their personal banking and business banking clients, although the site isn’t keen on users with Google Chrome web browsers:

Metro Bank Chrome Problems

If you’re one of Metro Banks new customers, we’d be interested in hearing your experiences with them so far. How does their online banking compare to other banks? Are they meeting their many promises? Let us know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Metro Bank: One Month In Business

  1. I’ve had no end of problems, couldn’t access money abroad in the USA, couldn’t sign up to the online banking without a special trip to the branch, they also lost a £300 refund in the system which I am still waiting to return to my account a month after the original refund (if I hadn’t queried the absence of funds from my account it would never have been noticed). Finally I went into the branch and it took 20 minutes to find my account on their system after which time I had to give some of the sign up details again, because they had been lost! Not the delight they say every customer will be guraranteed, but certainly the surprise.

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