Your Favourite Android Finance Apps

Android finance apps

Google have finally released a web-based Android app market (previously you had to search for and download apps on your phone), so it allows those of us without Android phones to have a look at the Android finance apps.

As an iPhone user, there’s quite a few apps that are available on both platforms, such as Pageonce Pro, PayPal and Mint, and their functionality is probably pretty similar on both. But as I have no access to an Android phone, I’d like to hear your recommendations for your favourite finance Android apps.

The iPhone tends to be the trendy platform for banks and PFM sites to develop for, but the Android market share has been risn substantially, so whilst it might not be fashionable, the sheer numbers of Android users will start to sway developers toward this platform.

Let us know which ones you use (and, if you like, which ones to steer clear of) in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Your Favourite Android Finance Apps

  1. The Bank Control UK is now rated #12 on Android Market out of ~480 free financial applications, ahead of Pageonce or Mint. It supports most of the UK big banks: NatWest, RBS, Lloyds, Santander, Halifax and even HSBC.

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