Patent Suggests iPhone 5 Will Have “E-Wallet”

A recent patented granted to Apple seems to confirm that a future version of the iPhone (probably the iPhone 5) will have “E-Wallet” NFC functionality:

iPhone 5 "E-wallet"

It’s unlikely that it will be eventually be called E-Wallet (or EWallet) though, as that term is already trademarked.


A more likely name is iWallet, ¬†although several people have already tried to register variations on this, yet Apple may have enough resources to take on those who wish to add an i to their product names. They may well surprise us and come up with something cleverer than we could ever think of though. (Here’s a list of Apple trademarks).

Via PatentlyApple via Techradar

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One thought on “Patent Suggests iPhone 5 Will Have “E-Wallet”

  1. Only problem is that the phone shape above is the older 3G/3GS model not the iPhone 4, though they are most probably going to go down this route.

    Not sure I’d want all my details in my phone though. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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