Barclays Integrates PINSentry Into Mobile App

Barclays PINSentry

Could we finally be seeing the end of the online banking dongle?

Barclays have had their PINSentry device for a while, and not so long ago, HSBC introduced their ever-so-popular SecureKey keypad, which both generated random access codes to provide an extra layer of security to their online banking.

But there’s always been problems with these devices; you have to remember them wherever you go, you have to wait to receive them in the first place, their batteries run out (so then need replacing) and they’re easily lost. Despite the added security they bring, they’ve always seemed to be more trouble than they’re worth.

So there’s some good news in the announcement that Barclays are making the sensible move of integrating their PINSentry system into their mobile banking app, allowing you to keep the same level of security wherever you take your phone.

For Barclay’s customers, the app is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices (although as of writing, none of the platform write-ups mention this new feature).

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One thought on “Barclays Integrates PINSentry Into Mobile App

  1. I guess PINSentry is another level of security for those customers who often access their bank account via mobile device. Banks just wants to ensure that they have their customer accessing his own bank account via mobile and not the hacker.

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