Checking Product Prices On The Move

If you’re a bit of an impulse purchaser like myself, there will probably be times that you’ll come across something in a shop that catches your eye, and you’ll be unsure how the price that it is on offer for compares with deals available on the internet (at least you should be if you’re interested in saving money!).

Well, Yahoo has just released a price comparison tool for mobile phones, powered by their product comparison website, Kelkoo.

Apparently, 3 million products are covered from over 5000 U.K. retailers.

The service is free (although obviously it pays to check how much your mobile operator will charge for being online), and although I haven’t tried it on a phone yet, I’ve had a bit of a play from my PC, and it seems to work reasonably well. When using it on a phone, it might be useful to be able to turn product images off to speed it up a little – chances are that if you’re checking prices you probably know what the product looks like (and I doubt you can really get a good idea about a product from a mobile phone screen anyway).

(By the way, when I was testing this from my PC, the link above was a bit hit and miss, flicking between 2 different screens – this could be because of problems at Yahoo’s end, or it may be having problems detecting whether you’re using a mobile browser or not.)

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