Landmark Bank Charge Court Case Postponed

So, the landmark court case brought against Natwest because of their charges has been postponed so that a full day can be set aside to hear the arguments. Why they couldn’t start the case today and hear the arguments over more than one day, which must happen in many court cases, is beyond me – perhaps the judge had an important game of golf this afternoon, it is a Friday after all.

We must now wait until 30th April to hear the outcome of whether the barrister bringing the case against Natwest has any right to claim extra damages, and only then will a full case be heard.

3 thoughts on “Landmark Bank Charge Court Case Postponed

  1. I recently put forward a claim of £1,160
    for unfair charges made by bank Natwest but even though they acknowledged my claim I was told that everything is on hold until the courts outcome . ? ? Any ideas of when this will be .

    Thanks Martin M

  2. Hi Martin,

    There is a court case which in theory will decide how things are taken
    forward with bank charges, but this is not scheduled to start until
    January next year, and unfortunately it is unclear how long this will
    go on for.

    I’ll try to post updates to Money Watch as and when anything changes,
    so keep an eye on the site.

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