Tesco Clubcard iPhone App Updated

Tesco have made an update to their Clubcard iPhone app, allowing cardholders to view their Clubcard balance and calculate how many points you could earn.

By verifying your identity in entering your postcode, you’ll be shown how many Clubcard points you have, and if you’ve got enough, how much your money-off vouchers are worth:

You can also calculate how many points you’re likely to earn by entering your weekly spend on groceries and petrol, as well as spending on a Clubcard credit card.

Overall this update makes the Tesco Clubcard app marginally more useful. It previously only allowed you to use your iPhone as a virtual Clubcard, but I’m yet to see anyone actually swiping their iPhone at the tills at Tesco, and I certainly haven’t done it myself.

Being able to check your points balance is a nice addition, but I’m not sure it will be enough to get lots of people to download and use the app.

Download the Tesco Clubcard iPhone app from iTunes.

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