Personal Finance Forums

Online forums can be a great source of information – learning from people in similar positions, and being able to ask questions that are specific to yourself. It obviously pays to be a little bit careful with the information that is presented on forums, though.

Although I don’t visit too many personal finance forums, my particular favourites are:

  • Motley Fool Discussion Boards – covers all areas of finance, although this forum concentrates mostly on share trading. Unfortunately not the easiest to navigate, it is nevertheless a good board.
  • MoneySavingExpert Forums – probably one of if not the biggest and busiest forums, and caters for all levels of knowledge. There are plenty of experts available to answer questions on all money subjects. This board also has RSS feeds for each subject, so it’s quite easy to stay in touch with all new posts. Although it’s not the best looking site, and because of the amount of information, it is sometimes difficult to seperate the “wheat from the chaff”, it is nevertheless top of my list.

I can’t help feeling that I must be missing other interesting or less obvious forums – are there any I should have a look at?

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